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Our Next Meetings

  • Next meeting:
    • Date:
      Thursday April 11, 2013. (Second Thursday of the month)
    • Time:
      Meeting to start at 7 PM (1900 hrs. PST); We usually don't stay later than about 2130 hrs.

    • Location: Hacker Dojo;

      599 Fairchild Dr Mountain View, CA 94043 See The Dojo Website for location, directions, and other information.

      Google Maps suggests exiting VTA Light Rail at the Bayshore/NASA station, then walking over to Ellis, under the Bayshore freeway, then turn left at Fairchild.

      We will be in the "Classroom"; there are maps posted within the Dojo itself. I strongly suggest that you arrive 10 - 15 minutes early in order to get oriented.

      Please note that there are two parking lots (one rather small), but each is reserved specifically for Hacker Dojo -- no more sharing parking with other concerns.

    • We will be guests of Larry Maloney. Be prepared to "sign in" by providing an email address. (Those who use sender-specific email addresses, as DaveW does, might want to note this.)

    • Adjenda:
      • talk a lot
      • Code slush is in place for 8.4-RELEASE. Packages for i386 & amd64 have been built; 8.4-BETA1 is available.
      • Recent x11/nvidia-driver patches don't properly handle the case where folks use older drivers; see for details and a suggested fix (which I tested as working for me for both stable/9 & head).
      • The FreeBSD cluster has yet to fully recover from the "November compromise," though progress continues.

  • Following meeting:
    • Thursday May 9, 2013.
    • location unknown at this time *Watch this space*

If you are planning to attend, a quick note to the "" mailing list might be a good idea as usually pizza is supplied and if we get a lot of interest, we may need to get extra. (but come even if you don't post).

Please check this website before leaving for the meeting. There can sometimes be last-minute venue changes.


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